Sunday, 16 May 2010

Oy vey the internet

I couldn't resist posting this clear example of the politicization of religion

From Rabbi Neustdat's Weekly Halacha

Question: Is it permitted to visit the so-called frum news websites or blogs which often contain lashon ha-ra and rechilus, or offensive material about Torah ideals or Torah scholars?

Discussion: Obviously, it is forbidden for one to read forbidden material such as those enumerated above. Certainly, if one did come across such material, he is not allowed to accept the information at face value. Still, not all frum websites are created equal: some are more careful than others in the halachos of lashon ha-ra, etc. Sometimes, too, there may be some benefit to the information being published. It is imperative, therefore, that each frum website employ a rav who will be available to rule on questionable material – whether it may, or should, be published. A frum website that does not engage a rav to rule on these questions is, by definition, not frum, and therefore should not be patronized by frum people. Certainly, anyone who advertises or supports frum websites that do not follow Halachah is guilty of aiding and abetting transgressors - clearly forbidden by the Shulchan Aruch.

It is important to add another point: A cursory review of the popular frum websites reveals that most of the forbidden material is found not in the presentation of the news itself, but rather in the readers’comments attached to the news item. The comments, which are written anonymously and without acceptable restriction or censorship, range from sheer, blatant kefirah to outright lashon ha-ra and degradation of all that is holy in yiddishkeit. Any site which allows comments such as these to appear on its website is not worthy of being allowed into a Jewish home.

Anyone who has been paying attention to the frum world realizes the agenda here. Apparently criticism of Chareidim and Chareidi ideology is assur in halacha. (Who knew!) Besides the fun of Chareidi bashing I posted this to make an important point. I have a friend who considers himself Modern Orthdox. He believes in evolution and science and fallible Rabbis etc. However he strangely follows the pesak of a very Chareidi local Rabbi. I asked him why would you follow the pesak of someone who has a completely different world view than you? He answered that he only follows his halachic rulings. The mistake my friend made, of course, is that A. Halacha is subjective and is affected by one's convictions and B. That there is no clear line between halacha and "advice" The RWMO need to realize that you cant have a MO world view and still follow Chareidi halacha!

This quote from Neustdat clearly shows a Chareidi passing off his personal convictions about the internet and "seditious" literature as halacha! Wake up people the Chareidim are blurring the line between halacha and opinion. They are trying to inhibit free speech and criticism in the name of halacha and Judaism!!!


MKR said...

Can you tell me what is going on in panel 3? I can't make out what the boy is twirling in the air.

Shilton HaSechel said...

it appears to be cds and floppy discs which are avizrayhu (accessories) to arayot!

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