Monday, 26 July 2010

There is a God and he Believes In Argentina!

It's a little late but in honor of the world cup... hehehe

(Posted by Amitnira)

Rough Translation:

Hello do you hear me?
Hello Hello
Argentina do you hear me ?!

Yes yes it is me!

The moment is approaching and I wanted to tell you something...

It was me behind the goal post, against Holland, at the last moment in '78

It was me behind the crossbar against Yugoslavia in '90

Against Brazil it was me of course

Was there any doubt?

You might say "where were you against Germany and Sweden?"

What can I do? Satan also plays!

But it was not me who beat the three oranges!!!

It was not me with those amazing blocks!!!

Dear God!!! It was not me who made that amazing goal on a corner kick!

These were not the work of my hands!

It was not me who ran 50 meters with the ball, it was not me who left them behind forever!

Pray! Beseech! Swear!

Fill the the streets! the houses! the offices! And love these colors more than anything!

I believe in you!

SH: If I was an Argentinian I would probably find this pretty inspiring, since I'm not I think it's hell of a funny! The music made it perfect! The funny thing is this is exactly what countries used to believe back in the day. When two countries went to war, invariably both sides were CERTAIN God was on THEIR side.


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